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The Titan herd is located in Carthage, South Dakota approximately 10 miles northwest of Howard and 80 northwest of Sioux Falls. The herd is owned and managed by husband and wife, Cameron and Jennifer Sasser. A small satellite herd is still located in Stanfield, North Carolina with Natalie Smith.

Our herd has been assembled and developed with the ultimate goal of producing highly competitive wether goats.  Before we ever acquired the first doe, we spent two years searching for the “right kind”.  After considerable searching we purchased 100 head of full to half sibs.  We truly believe that in addition to putting together the correct kind phenotypically, it is critical, for long term success, that there must be consistency in the doe herd to produce genetic predictability.  Our original set of does all trace back to the great stud buck “Buccaneer” of Sisters II.  Trueness of topline, squareness of hip, front-end attractiveness and velvet hides were the traits on which we placed the strongest selection pressure when assembling our original does.  Since that original start we have continued to concentrate on those areas of selection along with muscle mass and correct rib shape. 

Our program has since been generated utilizing Kohls genetics.  Norman and Kallie have been most helpful in allowing us to put together some tremendous goats.  We have spent several years putting together a line breeding program concentrating on the great buck (29) Surprise, Surprise.  More recently we have added a second line using the “Whiskey River” genetics and found a very comfortable cross between those two distinct lines of goats.  In an effort to still produce more mass and dimension we have recently started adding several Kelly bred goats into the program hoping to add that line’s tremendous mass, handle and rib shape.

Although our program is based around the production of wethers, we sell a large number of replacement females and a few select wether bucks.  We utilize a number of consignment sales in addition to our own production sale which is held the last Friday night in April each year in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Because of our marketing across the U.S., we produce a video each year that we mail out on request.  This provides prospective buyers with the opportunity to see some of our goats and get an idea of what will be available at our sales.

It is our goal that youth purchasing our goats be competitive, and because of this we spend a lot of time consulting, answering phone calls and visiting with our clients.  We invite you to view our site, hope you will see something that will intrigue you and welcome you to talk goats with us at any time.

Titan Meat Goats
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