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Last summer we had the opportunity to purchase this buck from Joe Raff. He was purchased in an effort to add more leg shape, better bone structure, and forerib to our kids. After seeing this years kid crop he has not let us down! Chatterbox is by Joe Raff's buck, I Don't Know, and out of Sue, who goes back to the famous Big Sue.


This buck was one we could not pass up when at Glenn Martin's in the summer of 2012. He is an extremely balanced buck with an eye appeal that can be seen in his kids while in the show ring. MoneyMaker is flawless through his center rib shape and up through his chest floor. His genetics date back to Mozart on both sides.



When we laid eyes on this buck we knew we had to have him! With all the bucks we looked at in the Spring of 2011 he was unmatched in power, length of hind saddle, handle, and correctness. This one is bred to be a great one as he is out of a 900 grandson and a direct 900 Kelly doe. This buck has done huge things for us so far. The kids out of Flex have that "wether" look only seen at the TX majors. We only had 2 wethers out of him in 2012, but both had great success in the show ring. We are very excited about the banners the 2013 crop will hang. Special thanks to Glen Martin for helping us find FLEX.



In the summer of 2011 we had the opportunity to buy a great Mozart daughter (GM2) who we flushed to a WOW son from No Step Ranch (Now owned by 5 Star Show Goats). Out of all the buck kids from the flush Ironman was heads and tails above the rest. With his great rib shape and huge loin and rack there was no question this one was going to be a stud buck. This one is very impressive in person and has been from the day he was born. We are very excited about the bone and depth he is going to contribute to this year's kid crop.



Our T161 doe hasn't let us down yet and has done it again with this Big Time son. We have crossed two of the greatest lines in Texas wether history (Kelly 900 x Khols Surprise Surprise). Don't Tell has the look, stature and zipper front from NK and the forerib, top shape, and skeletal base width from the Kelly genetics. This buck is going to do great things for our wether program and doe herd. His half brother Night Prowler has bred very consistent for us over the years and we plan on using Don't Tell the same way.



Ambush was purchased from NK ranch, Texas.  Ambush is an own son of Surprise, Surprise and out of a daughter of Highlander 104 (donor for NK and Preston Farris).  Ambush has that unique combination of body length, stifle mass and extreme shoulder and neck.  His ability to sire extreme top-shape and that true-wether look has confirmed his place in our stud battery.  The high-selling wether and doe from our 2009 sales were sired by Ambush.



In an effort to find an outcross to our Surprise lines we set out to find the next true power buck. Thus came Pale Rider. Pale Rider is a son of Myomy, the Whiskey River son used so successfully by NK and dammed by Gracie Law, the 2009 NAILE champion doe now owned by Ankony of Georgia. Gracie’s dam is the infamous multi-champion T84 that dominated the Boer goat show circuit just a few years ago for Kallie-Harie Reds. Pale Rider has a “steer-like” hip, tremendous bone, near ideal rib shape and is a BIG goat, weighing over 300 lbs. at 13 months. His flush sister was grand doe at 2010 San Antonio and NAILE. (Semen available)



This paint buck is a direct son of Surprise, Surprise out of the great T161 doe (a Surprise, Surprise daughter). Thus making him a sire-daughter mating. He possesses that unique combination of look, touch and extremeness with eye-catching color.  Night Prowler has matured into a big powerful individual that demands your attention on profile.  His first crop generated kids with tremendous shape and design.  His kids were extremely popular in our 2010 spring sales!

(photo coming soon)


This Ambush son is truly RADICAL!  He is without a doubt the tallest fronted, shallowest chested, biggest hipped Ambush son to date.  He is dammed by a Surprise, Surprise daughter that is a double bred CEO.  He was pictured on our 2008 video and after a number of phone calls we decided to keep an interest in this radical wether sire. (Owned with Black Diamond Boer Goats—KY)


In an effort to add more bone and extreme muscle mass, we found Heat Wave. Heat Wave was the Riverview Boer Goat consignment to the Kentucky Buck Test.  He is a double bred “Gunsmoke”.  Sired by Hot Shot and dammed by a Gauge daughter, this outcross to our program is truly a muscle freak!  His expressive rack, massive loin and “hog-like” rump offer a true compliment to our existing herd of does.  He scanned well over a 3” loin on test and drapes all that massive muscle over an incredibly dense column of bone. (Owned with 4-Harper Boer Goats—KY)  (Semen Available)


(ABOUT TIME PICTURED) These two young bucks are our latest stud buck additions.  About Time and Big Time are own sons of Kelly 900 out of an Elvis daughter that we bought bred from Kelly Meat Goats last fall.  About Time has incredible muscle expression, a velvet hide, phenomenal touch and tremendous bone.   Big Time’s incredible thickness is accentuated by his massive bone and incredible body length not often found in this line of goats!   The unique phenotypes combined with a proven pedigree destine these two youngsters to be superstars in our program!

REFERENCE SIRES                                                                                                                       


BP (Big Pimpin)

The year I judged the Jr. breeding goats at San Antonio I fell in love with a young doe that I made Res. Grand in the Fullblood division. I later told Kallie I wanted the first real “wether-type” son she produced. Thus was the evolution of BP. BP is sired by Motley Brute (Grand buck at the NAILE and numerous Texas shows) and dammed by T59, the Surprise, Surprise daughter that “wowed” me in San Antonio. BP’s full brother was grand buck at the National Western in Denver and has done a super job for Newton Farms in Indiana. BP’s first kid crop convinced us of his predestined greatness. Much like BP himself, his kids had tremendous muscle shape, excelled in trueness of rack and were especially extended through their rumps. BP sired the greatest number of champions produced in our 2009 crop. (Semen available)



In the spring of ’09 we had the opportunity to acquire this great proven stud.  The presence of his son, Pale Rider, in addition to the limited number of daughters we owned by this buck convinced us we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  This Whiskey River son that traces back to NK Flash and NK CEO combines three of the greatest wether bucks the NK herd has ever produced.  We are truly excited about acquiring this proven stud and know he will play a huge role in our programs.  Simply said…My O My!!! (Owned with Joe and Jim Vogel, Indiana.)



This own son of “Winchester” (double bred Sasquatch) and dammed by “Sultry” (an own daughter of Colt) has proven himself as one of the most prepotent solid red wether sires to be used in the industry.  CAYENNE was purchased from Raff Boers of Wichita Falls, Texas.  CAYENNE is a full brother to “Wild Thing”, the buck used so successfully by Raffs and Kellys of Texas in their wether program.

CAYENNE has a unique combination of a flawless topline, excessive spine and rump length, overpowering bone and “eye-catching” red color.  His ability to pass on these traits provided us with a set of daughters that would be the envy of any wether goat flock.  Exquisite pattern, perfect toplines, velvet-like hides and beautiful udders are only surpassed by the prevalence of color on these females.
Unfortunately we lost CAYENNE---But his influence will long be felt in our herd!


After kidding out a set of does we purchased that were carrying offspring of this powerful stud, we were convinced we had to acquire him.  Although we were not able to purchase this buck, we did secure a breeding season with him and we took full advantage of it!  BUSTER is sired by “HMR Soro” (Brute), a 7/8 brother to “HMR Sumo” the ever popular Jim & Lynn Farmer buck.

BUSTER is without question the most 3-dimensional, powerhouse we have had the chance to utilize.  He was a massive chested, explosive topped, power-hipped buck.  He combined this power and mass with unmatched bone, boldness of rib and squareness of hip that would be envied by any club-lamb producer!!!   In 2004, BUSTER kids dominated shows across the U.S. and we were fortunate to lay back a large number of his daughters.


GIZMO was purchased from and owned with Mark & Stephanie Ebling of Cleburne, Texas.  GIZMO is sired be “FSE Noble” who traces his lineage back to JLF Jordaan and the great brood doe “JLF Pillio”.  GIZMO’s powerful dam “NK Dotty” is a double-bred Oscar daughter from Norman Kohls.  Oscar is without a doubt the most important “old-line” buck to influence the wether industry today.

When I laid my eyes (and my hands) on GIZMO as a 45 day old kid, I knew we had to own a piece of this future stud!

GIZMO is absolutely radical through his neck and scapula and is unsurpassed in his tallness of front and shallowness of chest.  Probably his greatest attribute is his unique touch.  He is without question the firmest, hardest handling buck I have ever touched!   GIZMO’s offspring have a cylindrical-athletic build, massive hip, extreme front and that crazy “concrete” touch.
(Now seeing service in the Scott & Jolynn Wade herd--Moapa, Nevada)


PARD’NER is the buck that we acquired from Jim & Lynn Farmer of Mullin, Texas and have never regretted his acquisition since seeing his first kid crop.  The genetic power in this powerful stud is unquestioned in the Boer goat industry.  He is a son of “Poncho” who is sired by “Dreamweaver” and out of the great “Pillio”.  

PARD’NER’s infamous dam is “Rena”--undeniably the most massive, powerful doe in the Farmer herd.  “Rena” is sired by the great “Rambo” and is dammed by “D.J.”.   PARD’NER’s pedigree is a veritable who’s who in the goat industry.  His genetic compilation also includes 2 shots of “Mojo Magic, 2 shots of the world renowned “Francis” and 3 shots of the ever powerful “Kaptein”!!!

PARD’NER is best described as pure power!  He is extreme through his rack, un-spanable over his loin and overwhelming in his hip.  We purchased this buck due to the tremendous doe families that are truly stacked in this guys pedigree.  The maternal strength in this guy is without equal!! And he passes it on!  His wethers are powerful, but his doe kids possess all their brothers mass with refined, elegant fronts and an over-supply of “the look“.  Because of this unique combination, we have retained a “pile” of ’em!!!


PIPESTONE was acquired from S & A Farms of Otterbein, Indiana.  PIPESTONE is a unique wether buck in that he is sired by “P132”. (A Pipeline son out of JLF Dello--Both National Champions)  Dello is sired by Mojo Magic and out of Frances.  PIPESTONE’s dam “Latasha” traces back to Tsjaka, Sasquatch and Johaan.   

PIPESTONE’s outline is truly picturesque.  He is unmatched in straightness of top, squareness of hip and attractiveness of front.  His front 1/3 stands out with his perfect neck/shoulder junction, “cocky” head set and distinctive roman head.  He complements this great silhouette with true hard muscle shape.

PIPESTONE’s offspring proved him to be a great sire.  Numerous sons are working in herds across the nation and his daughters were always sold out.  We did retain many of them for our herd!


In 2008 we had the opportunity to lease the great “Sly Surprise”, the paint son of Surprise Surprise out of a CEO daughter.  This was perhaps the most intelligent buck procurement I ever did.  Sly sired an unbelievable set of daughters and a super set of wether kids.  Although we kept the majority of the daughters for our herd the few we marketed were in “HIGH” demand.  One particular daughter dominated many of the shows for a young lady in Kentucky.  His impact in our herd will be long felt.  Thanks to Kallie for giving us this opportunity!
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